Waveform Viewer For Xyce

Xyce is an open source, SPICE-compatible analog circuit simulator developed by Sandia National Laboratories. It supports large-scale parallel computing platforms. As a consequence Xyce is capable of solving extremely large circuits.

Xyce can generate output files in multiple formats. BeSpice Wave reads the default file format (*.prn), CSV files (*.csv) and CSD files (*.csd). However these files are text based. This makes them human-readable but reading them by software is relatively slow.

Therefore BeSpice Wave is a lot faster when reading binary raw files (*.raw). These files are generated by Xyce when the command-line option -r <file_name> is added. BeSpice Wave accesses these files like a database. That means the curve list is read very quickly and the corresponding data is parsed only when it is required. All data is re-read from file when the file changes in an ongoing simulation.

The evaluation version that is available from our downloads page reads *.prn files, *.csv files and *.raw files generated by Xyce.



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