BeSpice Wave Parser

BeSpice Wave is a graphical waveform viewer for analog spice simulation results and lab measurements.

The underlying waveform parser is available as a C software library. It allows to parse simulation results in various formats such as psf, psfxl, tr0, ac0, cou, vcd, csv, tabulated data, Touchstone s-parameter files, spi3 raw files, tdms files, csdf files, PSpice dat files, tmf, amf, mmf, nmf, dmf files (Dolphin Integration Smash). The parser uses a data-base like file access. Waveform data is read only when required. This results in a low memory footprint and allows very fast selective access to SPICE simulation results. Accessing the curves of several parsed files is simplified by specialized search functions.

The parsed data can also be exported to one or several files. The supported output formats are csv and tabulated data, html, tdms and Value Change Dump (VCD).

The parser can be extended by implementing plug-ins. This allows to support and visualize file formats that are not supported natively.

We provide wrappers for Matlab, Octave,  Python and Tcl/Tk that allow to work with simulation results in a script environment.

The C library and all available wrappers are shipped with a complete set of examples. It is available for OsX and for 32 and 64 bit versions of Linux and Windows.

Our customers appreciate that

  • the data is read pretty fast without any conversions. It is directly available as vectors in C and for all script languages.
  • the library allows to read many different database formats. Only a single API needs to be maintained.
  • development cost are reduced.
  • the visualization of the curves using BeSpice Wave improves the understanding of the parsed data.

A simple way to evaluate the possibilities our parser library might be to use it through our conversion tool.

Contact us to obtain an evaluation version of BeSpice Wave Parser.

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