Easy LV|HV Control Software

Easy LV|HV is a control software. It controls W-IE-NE-R low voltage and iseg high voltage power supplies.

We provide Windows, Linux, MacOs and Linux ARM versions

Easy LV|HV features

Various interfaces are supported:

  • Connect MPOD crates over an SNMP Ethernet connection. The software takes into account the specificities of the inserted high- and low voltage modules. W-IE-NE-R PL500 power supply series and the iseg CC24 crate controller can be connected in an identical way.
  • Connect iseg NHS and iseg NHR modules to an USB port. Easy LV|HV communicates using the text-based SCPI protocol.
  • Connect to iseg MMC systems over Ethernet. The communication is based on SCPI.
  • Connect all iseg modules with CAN bus interface. This requires a Peak PCAN-USB adapter or the slower LAWICEL CANUSB adapter. Socket CAN is supported on Linux.

The main features are the following:

  • graphical visualization of measured values and events.
  • access to all settings and parameters.
  • decoding and explanations for events and status flags.
  • data logging for long-term observations.
  • exporting EPICS data base files.

Why use Easy LV|HV ?

When we started working on Easy LV|HV we focused on 2 use cases:

  • small experiments like an NHS powering a single detector. In this case Easy LV|HV does everything you need. Current trips (delayed or not)  can be configured straightaway. If something goes wrong, graphics and data logging are there to give you hints what might be the reasons.
  • use Easy LV|HV to check if your hardware meets your requirements. A video published by Physical Instruments shows how to measure high voltage noise.
  • large experiments with many Ethernet-based devices. The custom control software is based on EPICS, TANGO, LabView etc. Easy LV|HV will help you in understanding the meaning of the status bits and configuration options. This will allow you to get the best out of your hardware.
  • if you want to control CC24 crates or need Python support you might consider using isegControl2 instead.
  • Use iseg NHQ/SHQ Control for NHQ and SHQ modules.

How to use Easy LV|HV ?

A good place to start are these videos:

Don ‘t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

Easy LV|HV availability

Your Easy LV|HV distribution includes full support, no matter how it has been purchased.

Windows 10 users can obtain Easy LV|HV directly from the Microsoft App Store.

If you are a Physical Instruments customer, please contact Physical Instruments to obtain access codes for the download page.

Otherwise contact us for an evaluation version and a quote.

Easy LV|HV control software

Easy LV|HV shows measured voltages, currents and temperatures in graphs. Users can annotate messages from the message logger to the curves. Long term data logging can be either event-driven or performed at fixed time steps.

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