BeSpice Wave

BeSpice Wave is a graphical waveform viewer for analog spice simulation results and lab measurements. It features fast loading, displaying and updating for multiple waveform file formats. It performs measurements and post-processes the loaded data. The resulting curves can be exported to other tools.

Download our demo version from our download section. This evaluation version only parses a limited number of file formats. In addition it does not allow any post-processing. It is perfect to work with ngspice or Xyce.

Key Features

  • High performance analog waveform viewer.
  • Digital and mixed-signal capability.
  • Extensible graphical user interface.
  • Fast access and automatic reload for multiple waveform file formats.
  • The supported formats are: psf, psfxl, tr0, ac0, cou, vcd, csv, tabulated data, Touchstone s-parameter files, spi3 raw files, tdms files, csdf files, PSpice dat files, tmf, amf, mmf, nmf, dmf files (Dolphin Integration Smash), prn files (Xyce).
  • Support for n-dimensional csv files.
  • Plug-in API for unsupported waveform formats such as FSDB.
  • Measurement tools: cursors and annotations.
  • Drag and drop to text editors, Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calculator.
  • Export to various formats including csv, tdms, vcd and spice pwl sources.
  • Post processing: FFT, data reduction, eye pattern and a Matlab-style waveform calculator.
  • Highly configurable graphical user interface.
  • Can be controlled interactively over socket connection
  • For software developers BeSpice Wave is available as widget for Windows, Qt, wxWidgets, Gtk, Tk or Python integration.
  • Software developers┬ácan also access the underlying waveform parser library.
The MacOs BeSpice Wave version showing analog and digital curves in a mixed-signal page.

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