BeSpice Wave Widget

BeSpice Wave is a graphical waveform viewer for analog spice simulation results and lab measurements.

The widget version allows software developers to include BeSpice Wave to their own graphical applications. Widgets for Windows, Qt, wxWidgets, Tk and GTK are available. The Windows widget can be used from .net, MFC, wxPython, pyQt and tkInter. The Qt version is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Our widgets support High DPI scaling on all platforms.

The widget can be integrated within half a day’s work. For the Windows platforms and Tk Linux evaluation versions are available. All other platforms are only available on request.

Recently the Tk Linux widget has been integrated to Concept Engineering’s StarVision / SpiceVision tools. This tutorial video shows the widget in action in Easy LV|HV.

We provide services to help with the integration. Contact us for details. Download the evaluation version from our Downloads page and take a look at the examples !

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