StarVision Plug-in

The Tk version of BeSpice Wave has been developed into a plug-in extension for StarVision® and SpiceVision®. The combined tool allows to:

  • easily navigate between simulation results and simulated netlist.
  • cross-probe between simulated waveforms and schematic.
  • annotated values to the schematic.
  • explore the structure and electrical behavior of complex analog circuits.
  • exploit the full functionality of the underlying waveform parser from Tcl userware scripts.
  • create annotations and highlighting from DC and SOA data.

You will appreciate the BeSpice plug-in whenever the schematic and simulation results of an analog circuit have to be analyzed in common. This concerns among others:

  • analog and mixed-signal circuit design, debug and optimization.
  • analog IP integration.
  • library characterization.

All SpiceVision PRO and StarVision PRO distributions include the BeSpice plug-in. Don’t hesitate to contact your Concept Engineering sales representative for a complete evaluation.

StarVision and SpiceVision are products from Concept Engineering GmbH, Freiburg Germany.

The analog waveform viewer.
The screenshot shows the analog waveform viewer in action. The values of the right cursor have been annotated to the schematic. When moving the cursor, these values are updated. The left cursor serves as reference for measurements.
The annotation dialog.
The screenshot shows the annotation dialog. The the values for “region” have been annotated in the schematic.

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