PSF Parser

PSF (Parameter Storage Format) files are mainly generated by the Cadence Spectre simulator. The simulator stores it’s output data either in single or double precision binary or in a human-readable ascii format. Many other simulators also support the PSF file format. The Virtuoso design framework uses this format extensively.

Some inconveniences of the PSF format is that it is uncompressed and that reading is relatively slow.

To improve reading speed Cadence has enhanced the PSF file format and defined the PSFXL extension. The PSFXL format is the new default output format. It is only generated for transient simulations.

In addition to the data PSF files Spectre writes a “logFile” which lists all files containing simulation data. Several PSF files are created for Monte Carlo analysis or if an ac and a transient analysis is performed.

BeSpice Wave and the underlying waveform parser parse binary and ascii PSF files as well as logfiles. Output files for all possible analyses are read. This includes transient, ac, dc, noise and SOA analysis. For binary files, the waveform parser reads curve data dynamically when required. Ascii data is directly read to memory when parsing the file.

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