Analog Regression Testing

Analog regression testing is an essential part of analog design verification.

Regression test are used to validate analog behavioral models. They also make sure that a previously
tested analog block still performs as expected after a change.

Once analog regression tests have been set up, they can also facilitate other tasks:

  • they can facilitate the migration to other technologies
  • they can be used to validate software.
  • they can simplify upgrading or changing your Spice simulator
  • they might help you to optimize design parameters

In general they use Spice simulation on the block to be validated and compare the results of these simulations to a reference. As these tests often need to verify given design specifications, they are mostly implemented in scripts.

Our customers have successfully integrated our Waveform Parser Python module into their Python-based test environments.

The Python based approach simplifies programming and the usage of scientific computation modules.

It is also a lot more portable that alternative solutions and can easily be deployed on cloud computing platforms.

Our library is also available for C/C++, Matlab, Octave and Tcl. We read the simulation output from a variety of Spice simulators.

To get started with our library and analog regression testing you can simply use our waveform compare utility to compare 2 Spice simulation files.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and a 2 months evaluation version.

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