Waveform Viewer For XSchem

Recently we have worked with Stefan Schippers from XSchem to interface BeSpice Wave with XSchem. XSchem is an open source schematic editor. BeSpice Wave is our graphical waveform viewer. This solution allows to visualize simulation results for SPICE simulations from XSchem. If you are looking for a waveform viewer for XSchem, this might be a solution to consider.

Here is a short video that shows how it works:

This solution uses a socket-based communication. The commands sent to BeSpice Wave are identical to the ones used for the integration with StarVision. This solution works with our commercial version or the evaluation version from our downloads page.

The evaluation version of our software can read all file formats generated by open source SPICE simulators such as XYCE and Ngspice.

The commercial solution has some additional features such as a calculator and post-procession functionality. It also allows to read additional waveform formats.

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