Reading PSF files from Python

Our waveform parser makes reading PSF files from Python easy. For this purpose we have extended our parser library to a self-contained Python module. This module is implemented as a C/C++ extension to Python. As a consequence you get the full performance of a C/C++ library and the ease of use of the Python programming language.

Our Python module comes with a large number of examples that will get you started quickly. These examples allow to read files and browse the complete file contents, to plot curves with Matplotlib and to convert them to other file formats.

All our interfaces to the parser library have a similar syntax. If you use Python only for prototyping, moving to the C/C++ API will be straightforward.

If you intent to use our Python module in a specific way don’t hesitate to ask if we have a more appropriate example for you.

Reading PSF files from Python will certainly make your life easier ! Contact us for a free 2 months evaluation.

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