Eye Pattern or Eye Diagram

Eye patterns or eye diagrams are used to quickly and accurately measure the quality of a digital signal. They are built by folding a waveform into a single graph. The resulting graph will resemble to an eye.

Measuring the eye diagram’s characteristics allows to determine the electrical quality of the signal. To use BeSpice Wave’s eye diagram, create a new eye diagram page by choosing “Page → New Post Processing Page → Eye Diagram” from the menu. Drag and drop one or several waveforms from the browser to the new page. The eye diagram is computed immediately. Depending on how it has been configured the page shows the folded and unfolded curves. The page can also show vertical and horizontal histograms at the current cursor positions.

The parameters used to compute and display the eye diagram can be adjusted in the page parameters window. The measurement window shows the characteristics extracted from the diagram. Clicking on the measurements creates annotations in the diagram.


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