Graph Software For Raspberry Pi

BeSpice Wave and Easy LV|HV are now available for Linux ARM v7. That means that you can use both tools on Raspberry Pi or equivalent platforms. Our high performance graph software is a perfect match with data loggers on single-board computers.

So far we have tested Raspbian and Ubuntu on Odroid. On both platforms performance is OK.

On single-board computers BeSpice Wave it is mostly used to plot files written by data loggers. Our software can be downloaded here.

Easy LV|HV controls Wiener or Iseg power supplies. You can also use one of the various CAN adapters available for Raspberry Pi. This allows to control Iseg high-voltage modules.

To obtain a license for Easy LV|HV, please contact our sales or Physical Instruments, France.

BeSpice Wave on Raspberry Pi.
BeSpice Wave is now available for Raspberry Pi, Odroid, etc. Performance is OK. You can work reasonably well even with larger files.
Easy LV|HV for Raspberry Pi
Easy LV|HV is available for Raspberry Pi , Odroid, etc. Control your Wiener and iseg hardware with small low-power single-board computers.

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