Easy LV|HV: working with the graph window

We have released a tutorial video that shows how to work with the graph window integrated to Easy LV|HV. The graph window allows to follow the measured quantities over time and detect anomalies such as arcs or excessive currents and temperatures.

Hopefully the video is clear by itself. If not, don’t hesitate to tell us.

Our tutorial video on YouTube.

Iseg and W-IE-NE-R hardware from Physical Instruments was used for this video.

The graph window is a basic form of our BeSpice Wave Widget (Win32 API on Windows, GTK on Linux and Qt on Mac). In this basic form the widget only shows a single page. The waveform browser and other components are hidden. A more complex integration has been realized for StarVision.

Also check out BeSpice Wave, our standalone application. BeSpice Wave is available in a evaluation version from the downloads page.

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