MPOD crates with EPICS

EPICS db files generated from EASY LV|HV.

The EPICS control system is a free and open source control system ( It is used to operate devices such as particle accelerators, telescopes and other large experiments. This page explains how Easy LV|HV makes it simple to control MPOD crates with EPICS. Using an SNMP driver for EPICS MPOD…

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BeSpice Wave: Where to start?

Install your software package either by running the installer or by decompressing the compressed package. Launch BeSpice Wave. The binary is to launch is <install_directory>/analog_flavor/bin/bspwave Open the example files located in <install_directory>/analog_flavor/examples/bspwave/example The newly parsed file and it’s curves appear in the browser window. Open a new plot window by…

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