How to use the Tk BeSpice Wave Widget ?

BeSpice Wave Widget can easily be integrated into Tcl/Tk applications. The module is provided as shared C library that can directly be loaded as Tcl module. All components and information that are required for using the Tk module can be found in your software installation tree.

  • You should start here: <install_directory>/analog_flavor/examples/bspwave_widget/tk_test. This is the directory where all examples are located. You will find entirely documented Tcl script files and C/C++source files. The readme file gives more details. For normal usage the Tcl examples are sufficient. If your application requires usage of callback functions from BeSpice Wave you should consider writing some C/C++ code.
  • The examples waveform files are located in <install_directory>/analog_flavor/examples/bspwave/example/
  • The directory <install_directory>/analog_flavor/documentation contains documents for further reading.
  • The directory <install_directory>/analog_flavor/platform and its subdirectories contains the Tcl/Tk modules as shared library. The libraries can me moved to other directories as they don’t depend on any other libraries.

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