StarVision / SpiceVision Integration

BeSpice Wave is a waveform viewer specialized for visualizing and analyzing Spice simulation results. It is available as software component for various graphical toolkits and frameworks. The Tk version of BeSpice Wave is available as plug-in extension for StarVision® and SpiceVision®. StarVision and SpiceVision are products from Concept Engineering GmbH, Freiburg Germany.

StarVision and SpiceVision can generate and visualize schematic representations of Spice netlists. BeSpice Wave visualizes Spice simulation results. The combined tool allows to easily navigate between simulation results and simulated netlist. Cross-probing allows to navigate between simulation results and schematic. Cursor values are annotated to the schematic. This facilitates the analysis of complex analog circuits by allowing to explore their structure and their electrical behavior.

The combined capabilities of both tools considerably speed-up analog and mixed-signal circuit design, debug and optimization. This solution simplifies the work of analog IP integrators. It is also frequently used to supervise library characterization.

The BeSpiceWave plug-in is included in each recent SpiceVision PRO and StarVision PRO distribution. It can be
activated by your Concept Engineering sales representative.

A demo video if available from Concept Engineering’s web site.

BeSpice Wave StarVision Integration

The BeSpice Wave plug-in to StarVision allows to analyze an analog circuit’s structure and it’s electrical characteristics in a single tool.

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