Tcl/Tk Graph And Waveform Viewer

BeSpice Wave Widget can easily be integrated into Tcl/Tk applications. The module is provided as shared C library that can directly be loaded as Tcl module. It combines the performance of C with the flexibility of Tcl/Tk. The integration is extremely simple.

  • Load the module.
  • Create the Tk window.
  • Insert it to a geometry manager such as pack or grid.

Once this integration works it can be extended by using text-based interactive commands. These command allow to to control many aspects of BeSpice Wave. Several examples in the distributed software package illustrate the use of interactive commands. For a more precise user interaction these commands can also be transmitted by drag-and drop.

More advanced integrators who want to benefit from the C callback functions of BeSpice Wave should consider to extend the module with C/C++ functions.

Our waveform viewer technology has been optimized to read and visualize Spice simulations and measurement data. However or tools are successfully used to display all kind of scientific and engineering data. The built-in file parsers makes it easy to import or export curve data in various formats.

A free version of our Tcl/Tk module is available from our downloads page. Instructions on how to use the software package can be found here.


The Tk BeSpice Wave Widget instantiated in a top Tk window using the clam theme on Linux.

An example for the usage of the Tk version of BeSpice Wave is the integration to Concept Engineering’s StarVision / SpiceVison tools.

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