Parse Spice Simulation Output With Tcl/Tk

Most user of EDA tools have at least basic knowledge of Tcl/Tk scripting and most EDA tools have a Tcl/Tk interface.

BeSpice Wave Parser, our waveform parser library is not an exception. It has been extended to a Tcl module that exposes the complete functionality of the C/C++ interface.

This allows engineers to read the files generated by Spice simulators from a Tcl script without conversion. Many different binary and ASCII file formats such as PSF, PSFXL, … are supported. The files can be read and re-read while the simulation is still in progress. Only the required data is read into memory.

BeSpice Wave Parser also allows to export the parsed data to other file formats. Our Tcl modules are compatible to Tcl 8.4 and later and available on Linux and Windows. We provide examples that present the complete functionality.

BeSpice Wave Parser is also available as Matlab/Octave toolbox or with a Python wrapper.


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