Parse Spice Simulation Output With Python

Python modules like Pandas, Anaconda and SciPy offer great possibilities to work with large numerical data sets. These possibilities to manipulate numerical data can do a great job for analyzing Spice simulation results.

BeSpice Wave Parser, our waveform parser library has been extended to a Python module with the complete functionality of the C/C++ interface. This allows engineers to directly access and read the files generated by Spice simulators from Python. Many different binary and ASCII file formats such as PSF, PSFXL, … are supported. The files can be read and re-read while the simulation is still in progress. For binary files only the required data is read into memory.

BeSpice Wave Parser also allows to export the parsed data to other file formats. Our Python modules are compatible to Python 2.7 and 3 and available on Linux and Windows. We provide a set of examples that presents the complete functionality.

BeSpice Wave Parser is also available as Matlab/Octave toolbox or with a Tcl/Tk wrapper.

Use the below form to obtain a fully featured 2 months evaluation version.

Customer Benefits

  • one interface allows to read all supported waveform formats.
  • fast integration due to a rich set of examples.
  • migrating to or from C/C+, Matlab, Octave or Tcl is easy.
  • flexible licensing schemes for individual use, research, development and re-distribution.
  • all licenses include full support.
  • free 2 month evaluation version.

Key Features

  • available on Linux, Windows and OsX.
  • fast and low memory footprint.
  • many supported waveform formats. Check the fill list here or send us an example file using the below form.
  • includes a rich set of examples.
  • also available with for C/C++, Matlab/Octave and Tcl/Tk with similar API.
  • services for extending the functionality or help with integration are possible.
  • use our standalone viewer BeSpice Wave to simplify the integration to your software.


We send you a free 2 months evaluation version on request. Don’t hesitate to attach an example file if you have questions concerning a particular file type. We might be able to give you some hints if you tell us more about your project.

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