Case study: using BeSpice Wave Parser for model extraction and characterization

SYDELITY is a start-up company aiming to provide services in the field of system-level simulation.

We help customer to speed-up, extend the range and improve the accuracy of their mixed-mode system-level simulations. We provide a model extraction service and consulting. For the model extraction process, we typically run a series of simulations on a target sub-system in order to characterize its behaviour over the state-space of interest. This generates a lot of data.


We needed to interface our internal tools with several simulators. We had made some trials with the API’s available from some EDA vendors and were not satisfied with the throughput. Also we had also to unify the various vendor-specific API’s in order to seamlessly access data from the different simulators. We were looking for a viewer that would offer API’s to Python and other languages and allow fast access to the results data-bases from EDA vendors.


The waveform parser library from AnalogFlavor allows us to access data from our simulations easily in various high-level scripting languages. We were initially interested mainly in the Python API, but also requested to have Matlab and Octave API’s which AnalogFlavor very promptly delivered. We had special licensing needs for being able to package the waveform parser library along with our code for data collection at the customer side and appreciated the way in which AnalogFlavor handled our request.

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