Qt Graph and Waveform Viewer

BeSpice Wave Widget can easily be integrated into graphical applications based on the cross-platform application framework Qt. It adds advanced and powerful graph viewer functionality to existing applications. It also allows to build new software using a time-saving component based approach. Qt4 and Qt5 are supported. The widget is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. The graph widget can be provided as static or shared library with pure C interface. The integration is extremely simple.

  • Link the provided library.
  • Compile the interface C / C++ code we provide.
  • Create the top level BeSpice Wave QWidget.
  • Insert it to a sizer.

The appearance and functionality of BeSpice Wave can be entirely controlled by using text-based interactive commands. These commands can be transmitted by function calls or drag-and drop.

Our Qt widget allows to re-parent the components of BeSpice Wave. The plot windows can easily be shown in any widget of the integrating software. Components like the Waveform Browser can also be re-arranged in the parenting application.

Our waveform viewer technology has been optimized to visualize all kind of scientific and engineering data. Our waveform parser reads many different Spice simulations output formats and it can easily be extended by plug-ins to read any proprietary data format. These plug-ins can also be compiled into the parenting application. They can read files or data held in memory.

The BeSpice Wave Widget libraries don’t  link Qt directly. Instead they call pure C functions that are wrapping the Qt class methods. These C functions are compiled by the integrating application. As a consequence our libraries don’t depend on the used compiler and Qt version.

Contact us to get a free evaluation version of our Qt graph and waveform viewer widget.

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