Post Processing Spice Simulation Results

Many post processing algorithms and tools exist for Spice simulation results. However in many situations the existing tools are not sufficient or complicated to use. Things get even worse when you try to automate things or work on many curves from multiple simulation runs. An obvious solution is to write some scripts and use the extensive possibilities of programming languages such as Matlab, Octave or Python.

Unfortunately most existing tools are complicated to use with Matlab or Python. It is often necessary to convert the Spice output files to another file format. Every simulator requires another conversion tool.

Our waveform parser library has been designed to avoid this kind of bottleneck. We provide our native C/C++ parser library as Matlab/Octave toolbox, as Python module or with Tcl bindings.

Our customers appreciate

  • that many different waveform formats can be read with a single library.
  • the integration is simplified by many examples and by verifying the results using or standalone viewer BeSpice Wave.
  • our flexible licensing schemes allow to find an appropriate solution for all applications (individual users, research, development, re-distribution).
  • the low memory footprint and search functions allow to with many files at the same time.
  • the API makes it easy to migrate for example from Matlab for prototyping to C/C++ for creating your own product.
  • the speed.

We provide free 2 month evaluation licenses on request. Contact us by filling out the form on our contact page. Don’t hesitate to attach an example file if you have questions concerning a particular file format.

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