Waveform Viewer For Xyce

Xyce is an open source, SPICE-compatible analog circuit simulator developed by Sandia National Laboratories. It supports large-scale parallel computing platforms. As a consequence Xyce is capable of solving extremely large circuits. Xyce can generate output files in multiple formats. BeSpice Wave reads the default file format (*.prn), CSV files (*.csv) …

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DAC 2017

We will be at the Design Automation Conference in Austin, Texas from June 19-21.We will be present on Concept Engineering‘s booth (booth 1028) to present our plug-in to SpiceVision and StarVision. Don’t hesitate to meet us there.  

Qt Graph and Waveform Viewer

BeSpice Wave Widget can easily be integrated into graphical applications based on the cross-platform application framework Qt. It adds advanced and powerful graph viewer functionality to existing applications. It also allows to build new software using a time-saving component based approach. Qt4 and Qt5 are supported. The widget is available …

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